Intelligent Content Adaptive
Video Compression

Video Optimizer

Intelligent content-adaptive video compression with excellent perceptual quality.

A content adaptive video encoding and optimization technology fully compliant with H.264 that analyzes the structure of each movie to find superior compression settings compared to standard approaches while keeping excellent perceptual quality.

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High Quality Videos

Our content adaptive video optimizer produces low bit rate videos without compromising quality.

On average, we save 50% on file sizes for full HD (1080p) videos, with more than 90% of viewers ranking our optimized videos with a quality of 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale, with 10 meaning no perceptual quality loss.

Workflow Integration
The optimizer is very easy to use. There is both a cloud service and an API to seamlessly integrate it with your workflow.
Workflow Integration

FASTech Video Benefits

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Content-Adaptive Encoding

Automatically optimize each video. High quality at less bitrate.

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Decrease Streaming Costs

Reduce data transfer. Cost and bandwidth effective streaming.

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Use your codec of choice. 100% complient with current standards.

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Deliver High Quality

Enhance Quality of Experience. Better quality, less bandwidth.

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Cloud Service

Upload & Download. We take care of everything in between.

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Seamlessly integrate our technology into your workflow.

About Us

FASTech develops and combines cutting-edge technology in video compression and computer vision, through innovative analytics, learning, and perceptual vision. We support noble causes as well as the startup and small business ecosystem. Contact us to see if you qualify.

It is currently hosted at the Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space , a new type of incubator, at the Qualcomm Institute/Calit2 , and at StartR , an accelerator at the Rady School of Management , University of California, San Diego.

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qualcomm institute picture rady school of management

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