Stream Higher Quality Videos || Save Costs in Data Bandwidth || Enhance User Experience

Intelligent Content Adaptive Video Compression with Excellent Perceptual Quality

Because every video is different

Content Adaptive Encoding

Automatically optimize each video using our Artificial Intelligence technology.

Deliver Higher Quality

Enhance User Experience with higher Quality Videos at the same Internet speed.

Increase Costs Savings

Save Data Bandwidth by reducing the size of your videos.


Our Products

FASTech Research and Development Team focuses on developing the next generation of video compression and computer vision technologies.

Intelligent Content Adaptive Video Encoding and Optimization using Artificial Intelligence.
An innovative paradigm for video compression for streaming and sharing with optimal compression rates.
FASTrack: real-time on-board autonomous tracking, GIS, recognition, classification, and other analytics within stabilized platforms, in particular airborne ones.

Our Story

FASTech develops and combines cutting-edge technology in video compression and computer vision, through innovative analytics, learning, artificial intelligence and perceptual vision.

  • 15+ Years on Academic Research and Development Experience.
  • 15+ Years on Fortune 500 High Tech Corporate Experience.

Research and Development




Perceptual Tests

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