Intelligent Content Adaptive
Video Optimizer

What is The Video Optimizer?

A content adaptive video encoding and optimization technology fully compliant with H.264 that analyses the structure of each movie
to find superior compression settings compared to standard approaches and obtain high compression rates while keeping excellent perceptual quality.

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91% - 96%* of viewers rank our optimized videos with a quality of 9-10 in a scale of 1-10 (10 meaning no perceptual difference). * With a 95% statistical confidence

How it works

It uses proprietary technology to build a model for each movie based on FASTech's large-scale quantitative analyses and subjective perceptual tests.

How to use

The optimizer is very easy to use. There is both a cloud service and an API to integrate it with your workflow.

  • Using the cloud version
  • Upload Your video(s) to our cloud service and download the optimized version(s). We take care of everything in between.
  • Limited bandwidth?
  • Contact us so that we can do the upload/download for you at no extra cost.

Benefits of using FASTech's Video Optimizer

Superior compression rates

Automatically optimize each video

Enhance quality of experience

Support for bitrate ladders

Easy integration through our
API service

Convenient cloud service

Why use FASTech's Video Optimizer?

Intelligent Content Adaptive Video Optimization with Excellent Perceptual Quality

Fair Pricing

  • Reduce your streaming CDN costs from using our technology
  • We support noble causes as well as the startup and small business ecosystem
Free* for companies satisfying any of the following:
  • Companies with less than $100k in annual revenues
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Any company from or delivering content to countries with less than $12k in GDP per capita, provided the saving costs are passed to the users
* Free means we don't charge you any licensing cost for using our technology, you just pay us for data center processing costs

100% Guarantee

If you find any perceptual difference between the source and optimized video we will make it up to you for free with a second compression

No credit card required

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